Samstag, 31. Mai 2014

Yutaka Tennoji (Metro PD:Close to you)

Tennoji is a passionate workaholic.He looks like an agressive and scary person at first but that's only his dedication of 'closing a case'. He can be stubborn,forceful and a bit selfish but Tennoji has a surprising shy side on the other side.

I couldn't wait for Tennoji's mainstory and was so excited when voltage finally released it!^^
Tennoji was like I expected the kind of tsundere who is agressive and looks like a bad boy but turns out to be just a super shy guy! ^^ I adore those kind of guys >w</
The story is pretty interesting and there are many cute,funny and dramatic scenes which makes the whole thing exciting. So I can guarantee it won't get boring! ;)
The story itself is really wonderful and I really liked the character. But there was just one thing that kinda bothered me...There were many lovely scenes and moments between Tennoji and the MC/heroine but all these memories or points in the story...didn't had much of a connection... What I mean is..I would be more happy if the flow of their relationship was more smooth...and not just only a few scenes and suddenly Tennoji confesses to you... You won't notice this thing if you play the mainstory half hearted..but when put much effort and if you are a hardcore player like(xD) than you will notice this fact too if you finished the route...Also..I think the ending of the story...was kinda...plain O.O
It was nice ..but somehow..short..and..well..plain..I wasn't really know like a little kid who wait for a good reward after having good grades...and you just get a small lollipop.. know the kid something..but the kid feels..empty..and a bit dissapointed after working so hard...I feel somehow like that..too :/

But still overall the story was pretty interesting but it wasn't 100% even though he is one of my favourite types...I will rate it...8 and half of 10.

❤❤❤❤❤  ❤❤❤

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