Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

Kuon J.Casiraghi (Be my princess 2)

Kuon is a rather quiet,calm who distance himself when you meet him. If you get closer to him,he will coldly rejects you and can be mean and hurt your feelings. He tends to be selfish,acts without looking at other feelings and is still mysterious. But actually he had a trauma and is just bad at expressing himself and can be a nice and gentle guy.

My first impression of Kuon when I played the prologue was...that he seems more harder to approach than his grandfather Glenn O-O. His character is based and you can recognize some familiar things between the the story from glenn(season 1) and Kuon. But well..putting that aside,Kuon is pretty mysterious tsundere at first sight who is also at second look mean. So it takes some time to open up to you,so don't worry..his gentle side comes ;) To me this story was more interesting since the story was more creative than the one of Hayden..^^' Okay it wasn't much more exciting than the other one...but it was still better,than Haydens. There were many cute and adorable moments where you could see some small different sides of him ^w^ I also liked how Kuon attitude to the you,the heroine slowly changed from episode to episode..which made the story smooth ^^
So behind the mysterious tsundere is actually just a lonely,cute(and teasing) guy who just needs someone to show him the right way ^^
Maybe what was missing in my mind..was a more dramatic..which would make the story more exciting and makes you like "omg..what's going to happen?!" :3

There wasn't anything I didn't if I had to rate it...I would say 9  of 10 ^^ (I don't know..but the story was NEARLY on perfect mark)

❤❤❤❤❤  ❤❤❤❤♡

And here are the pictures/CGs ^^

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