Samstag, 24. Mai 2014

Hayden A.Spencer (Be my Princess 2)

At first look you could mistake for his grandfather Wilfred. But at the second meeting,you can see some difference. Hayden thinks that he has to be the "perfect" Prince for his kingdom and that's why he always looks calm,is serious about his role and has a smile one his face. It's hard to read his intention and what he thinks. He can be a bit bold/forceful but which is quite rare for him. It seems like he has nice life but sometimes Hayden can look a bit lonely.

Lol,just noticed that I haven't posted Wilfred's walkthrough *-* (I will post it some time later :P)
Err well...I played with mischievous feelings. Because I thought since he was the 'perfect' guy it would be a boring story. But I was wrong! first he showed his nice side,which was naturally..and I hoped he would show his true side to the heroine soon. And I really didn't have to wait long. After some episodes he would show his bold side and slowly changed. His character wasn't that amazing...
I can say that the story is more interesting...I can guarantee you won't get bored...but also not too excited...^^' The progress of the story kept you curious about what's happening,and there are some surprises which you think is good,but not that good that you would start getting exciting..
But if you take a look at the main story general,it's a good story :D

So if I had to rate it...I would say....8 and a half of 10 hearts ^^
❤❤❤❤❤  ❤❤❤

And here are the pics ^^

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