Sonntag, 13. April 2014

Shinobu Narita (Serendipity Next Door)

Shinobu is the building manager. He's a very nice man. But that's only the first impression. Beyond this super nice personality is a very hurt,angry man with a broken heart. Because of some things that happened in his past,he's a bit sensitive about the topic falling in love and can't forget about his past.

At first I thought that Shinobu was the super kind and boring guy..but wow..this story changed my opinion of him totally. O.O Shinobu seemed like a really sweet and nice guy but when the heroine mentioned about falling in was like a switch and he was more cold and sadistic which was the total opposite of my first impression. And seemed to be a real playboy who cheats on girls. But if you know the real reason behind his intentions your opinion of him will change again like me. Actually he's a very hurt man with broken heart who just can't forget and live on. After I knew his past,I could understand why he ended up like that.
The story was really good and was really entertaining. I really liked the plot.The dramatic and excitement was intense but maybe I personally missed some more romantic moments and scenes... :O

So..I think if I had to rate this story I would say... 9 of 10 hearts :D
❤❤❤❤❤  ❤❤❤❤♡

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  1. Too bad I wasted my money on food yesterday... I really want to know what happens in his route xD

    1. Hehe,if you want I could make a review about Shinobu next week :)