Montag, 28. April 2014

Ryuzo Hatta ( Sequel )

Ryuzo,the other guys and you have to fill out a form about your future plans. You are still unsure about your future plans. Ryuzo is confident about to take over his family shop. But he doesn't want to and Ryuzo doesn't get why. Someday a new face appears in the city and approaches you. Ryuzo can't watch it and interferes...and later on it turns out to be his new classmate and rival in love...

With high expectation I started this game and I was was great ^^
First of all..I still like Ryuzo the most of the game,he's just a funny dude and well his character and story was the most unique and interesting of the other guys in this game.
Ryuzo isn't that...dumb anymore ^^' He knows that you are his girlfriend...okay there isn't much progress but it's still very funny and amusing to watch his straightforwardness if its about you two.
The story was good! ^o^ The story was interesting,like I mentioned in the description of the sequel..there's going to be a rival ..(sorry for the spoiler..^^') and it's interesting just how he reacts :P There were many amusing scenes and even some romantic moments.... But it was still exciting to splay the sequel :)

Hmm I would rate this story...8 and a half of 10 :)

❤❤❤❤❤  ❤❤❤

And here are the pics ^^

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