Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

Homare Midorikawa ((Class Trip Crush))

Homare is well known boy for his brain. He's also popular because of his looks but also is avoided because of his attitude to other people. Homare can be rude that's why he hasn't many friends and prefers to study the whole time. He has a reason why he studies,that's why he can't spend his time with other things.  But Homare does have another side ,too. He can also be caring and and nice but he just hides this behind his current face.

I was looking forward to Homare,since I do like this kind of guy :3 Homare pretty hot ^^ Even though he isn't as talkative like the others,I somehow did fall in love with him ^w^ Maybe because of his gentle and slow character. It's just different feeling when I played the other cheerful character of Class Trip Crush. I already that he's the quiet guy who doesn't talk until its necessary. Homare was at first a bit cold but from the first episode until the end he already was taking care of me or..he was looking out for me. His cold and a bit rude attitude slowly changed into a guy who likes to tease you. Sometimes he would also show his shy/embarassing side which I think is incredible cute :3
The story itself wasn't dissapointing but also wasn't that awesome. It was a satisfied story to me. You could say I would rate it from 1-10....mhmm I think 8 would be my answer.
Well,altogether it is a good story ^w^

And here are the pictures :D

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