Dienstag, 26. November 2013

Meguru Kamui Sequel

and the story continues...! :D
Even after all that happened,you and Meguru are back to a peaceful life at the Demon House. But his father,the King of the Demon Realm wants Meguru to come back to the Demon Realm and to become a true demon. Meguru aggrees and goes with you back...But will Meguru be sucessful,and can you two come back to the Human world?

Uwoow! *o* The Sequel is much much better than the epilogue!  The story is interesting....since in this sequel a part of Megurus past is going to be revealed and is about Kakeru and Meguru relationship. The ending is awesome..and there's a special change!! <3 But...omg..the..it was so hard..to get the Super Happy Ending... @.@ I was so frustrated...I even asked a friend of mine..and together we tried to get the right Ending..and after hours we somehow made it! xD
But..the Sequel..is.really..nice!..especially the ending..is..surprising! :33 ;D

Well,here are the pics :D

Omg,yes this is Meguru! *nosebleed* *Q*

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