Montag, 5. August 2013

Toshihisa Mikumo (Shall we date? Konkatsu)

Toshihisa is a very kind man. He always acts polite and calm in front of others and you.
It seems like he doesn't get angry quickly but in return he gets worried fast.
You,the heroine falls in love with him quickly,but he rejects you because something happened in his past,so that he can't really fall in love with a woman.

My first impression was,that he seemed like a good and kind guy. So I hoped and thought that he would show his bad side when he's not working that's why I was more surprised when he was the whole time kind..It was a bit too much of kindness for me,so I kind of find his personality boring. The story was a bit interesting but because of the quick progress that,the heroine fells in love with him in just a few chapters was...strange and didn't feel realistic. Romantic,there weren't moments where I could be like " sweet >u<"
So I was pretty..dissapointed when the story ended..
But at least it was a bit entertaining because of the reason why Mikumo doesn't fall in love so easily with a woman which makes the story a bit more exciting.

Well,here are the pics :3

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