Montag, 5. August 2013

Rintaro Washio (Shall we date? Konkatsu)

 Rintaro has a strict personality. He doesn't like to waste his time with things that are not necessary.  You can't discover what he feels right because he's always calm. Rintaro also likes to tease the heroine and makes fun of her,if he can that shows his sadistic kind of character...He's a workaholic,that means he loves to work and is straighforward sometimes when he responds.

My impression of Rintaro was..that he was scary..^^' I wasn't really used to this kind of character. But I got used to him and found him quite interesting.The story was not bad and the story progess was not bad either. There were some cute moments where only you and Washio were together. I was a bit moved when he told me or well the heroine why his character is like that and talked about his past. I came to like him ^^ He's one of my favourite character of this game :3

Well here are the pics :3

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