Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

Lambert (Shall we date? My prince Love)

Yo minna,I started to play Shall we date? My prince Love cuz I bought the game along time ago and haven't played it..^^'
Ah well, umm Lambert is the second son. He's very serious about being a prince. Lambert is also arrogant and thinks of you as commoner and treats you not very nicely. He thinks he's great because he's a prince and you're a commoner and orders you alot. But after some time,he slowly..thinks..that you aren't that bad and doesn't mind you..

At first I was shocked okay..that's too much well surprised that he was so arrogant..and thinks that he's awesome and thinks lowly of you,the heroine. But then it wasn't that bad around the middle of the story..I kinda wished for more romantic scenes because he was like "Ah..whenever I'm with you I feel strange.." and I was dissapointed..that there weren't many scenes like that.

Well,here are the pics:

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