Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

Ryoma Shirasagi ( Office Secrets )

He's your boss and you're going to be his assistant. Ryoma is popular by girls but also kinda hated because he's so strict by co-workers.He's serious and workaholic. It's hard to satisfied him but after some time you get used to him and he slowly gets a bit kinder towards you. He also has a cute side. ^^ If he's embarassed. He doesn't show much emotions because he's always serious. 

I like him. He's interesting and I enjoyed some parts in the story. But it was a bit hard at some parts,so I had to think about what to choose carefully. You can't really tell what he's thinking or what he exactly is expecting of you just have try your best :3

Well here are the pics :) (A bit dissapointed because there were only two pics...o:)

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